Hewlett-Packard among Forbes’ 2016 Most Valuable Brands Listing

Hewlett-Packard  pic

Image: forbes.com

A professional with over 20 years of experience in business administration including financial management and sales compensation, Diane Kaern has been proficient in leadership with skills for risk management, cost reduction, and business processing. Diane Kaern formerly served as a sales compensation analytics and reporting manager for the Hewlett-Packard Company, which was included in Forbes’ Most Valuable Brands 2016.

The annual listing identifies the world’s most valuable brands through a thorough examination of the financial statistics for more than 200 global brands. Forbes’ process for valuing brands begins with determining the revenue and earnings of each brand before taxes using company reports, industry authorities, and Wall Street research. Collected information consists of data spanning across a three-year period, and those numbers are compared against the brand’s capital employed and the capital of generic brands.

Forbes’ list consists of 100 brands that span 16 countries and 19 broad industry categories. Brands included in the list are restricted to those with a substantial presence in the U.S., eliminating some major bands and multinational companies. Forbes released its 2016 list of Most Valuable Brands in May.


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