How to Improve Internal Communication in a Business

Internal Communication pic

Internal Communication

A former sales compensation analytics and reporting manager at Hewlett-Packard, Diane Kaern is an experienced finance and business professional who most recently worked as a global sales operations finance director. In addition to possessing a creative and analytical mind, Diane Kaern is a talented communicator.

Businesses must focus on internal communications as much as communications with customers and partners. Here are some tips for improving internal business communications:

1. Make internal knowledge available. All businesses have internal knowledge related to business procedures and operations that all employees must understand. Such information should be easily available to all employees via a company handbook or intranet.

2. Limit meetings. Though meetings prove crucial for setting company aims and keeping track of project progress, too many meetings can waste employee time. Before calling a meeting, consider if communicating the information through other channels, such as email or a dedicated project management program, would be more efficient.

3. Plan external events. Large companies often maintain multiple divisions, many of which rarely interact during the course of the working day. By creating regular social events that bring together people from all areas of the company, a business can help employees build connections with others in the business and ensure that employees learn as much as possible about the work performed by other departments.


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