Using Analytical Skills in Business


Analytical Skills  pic

Analytical Skills

University of Pittsburgh graduate Diane Kaern possesses experience in strategic planning, product management, and executive management reporting. On top of her management abilities, Diane Kaern uses her analytical skills to drive business performance.

Analytical skills involve the ability to gather and analyze information, identify and understand problems, make decisions, and work toward a solution. This set of skills is a powerful tool, not only in solving company problems, but also for enhancing performance and productivity.

Specifically, the following situations prove that having analytical skills is vital and critical to the success of a business.

Defining problems. What seems to be a simple technical problem may actually be a result of a deeper concern, such as ineffective management oversight. Approaching the matter analytically demands looking at the root and the extent of the problem.

Developing strategies. What appears to be a competitive advbantage of the company may be a result of overestimating its strengths and misunderstanding its competitors. Using analytical skills to understand the capabilities and opportunities of a company minimizes wrong perceptions and encourages strategy improvement.

Improving process and quality. Analysis is important in making sure that the company’s overall process leads to delivering quality products and services to customers. Through an analytical approach, quality and process failures can be detected quickly and evaluated. This may involve documenting and streamlining the process to save resources.


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