How to Measure Successful Sales Operations


Sales Operations pic

Sales Operations

In her previous role as sales operations manager for a major computer technology firm, Diane Kaern implemented a number of reporting activities measuring strategic planning outcomes. Diane Kaern, who received an outstanding achievement award, managed metrics reporting on the effectiveness of the firm’s Sales Executive Council Revenue and Initiatives Reporting.

An effective sales operations department enables sales representatives to focus on acquiring and maintaining profitable customer relationships. A sales operation team can measure success using several different metrics, many of which are time-based.

For example, sales operations can minimize or eliminate the need for the active sales team to complete time-consuming paperwork. To do this, the sales operations team can optimize routine procedures, absorb the responsibility for these tasks, and/or automate back-end processes.

The best measurements of the sales operations team’s success lie in quantifiable results. Overly broad goals, such as support the sales department, can be whittled down into specific actions with exact target numbers. For example, the sales operations team can track the number of individual tickets submitted by sales representatives and measure success using rates of ticket completion, length of time between the start and end of a task, and positive customer feedback.


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