Using Office Design to Boost Creativity


Innovation and Creativity pic

Innovation and Creativity

Experienced sales operations and finance manager Diane Kaern has handled sales operations, reporting, and analytics for several billion dollar multinational corporations over the course of her career. In her previous roles, Diane Kaern implemented a number of successful and innovative productivity measurement packages, a demonstration of her value and creativity.

More companies are employing thoughtful office design to improve creativity and innovation amongst their workers. All aspects of an office space, including furnishings, layout, decor, and lighting can impact employee productivity and their ability to collaborate.

Organizational design experts suggest incorporating company culture into office layout plans. For example, work environments that require high levels of teamwork should provide their staff with comfortable, open offices suitable for collaborative work. On the other hand, companies that deal with sensitive materials or procedures should provide ample locations to do individual work.

Many offices also incorporate aesthetic touches that appeal to the senses. For example, offices may be purposefully designed with wall-to-floor windows, artistic murals, or innovative furniture to enable employees to exercise while at their desk. Working in a stimulating environment can boost employee morale, thereby enhancing creativity and productivity.


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