How to Increase High-Tech Product Sales with Services Revenues

Strategic Planning pic


A business professional, Diane Kaern held various positions for multinational companies like the Hewlett-Packard Company and Siemens AG. As a former sales operations manager at Hewlett-Packard (HP), Diane Kaern was responsible for overseeing the company’s worldwide Enterprise Business Strategic Alliances’ sales pipeline management and revenue reporting for Global System Integrator, Outsourcer, and Mega Independent Software Vendor Alliance partners.

One of the world’s most competitive tech companies, HP excels in increasing revenue by complementing its products with excellent customer services, including consulting and after-sales support.

Offering a consulting service with a product is an effective way for tech companies to understand customers better and provide excellent results. This gives a company firsthand knowledge of how its products are received and used. For instance, HP acquired Electronic Data Systems (EDS), a global technology services company, in 2008 to strengthen its business by leveraging the latter’s IT outsourcing, data center, and networking services.

Another way of integrating services with product sales is by offering after-sales support, including repair, maintenance, and/or training. After-sales services strengthen the bond between the company and customers and increase brand value. Post-purchase interactions also facilitate the gathering of feedback and give the company an opportunity to enhance its product features and discover other ways to meet customer needs.


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