About Diane Kaern

With finance and sales operations experience, Diane Kaern most recently served Hewlett-Packard Company in executive management support capacities. Diane Kaern joined the firm in 2007 as Sales Operations Manager, facilitating business and forecasted revenue reporting as well as sales pipeline management aspects of Worldwide Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Business Strategic Alliances. The reporting activities she oversaw were essential in Hewlett-Packard’s effective measurement of key metrics within the Alliance element of its strategic plans.

From 2010 to 2012, Ms. Kaern held responsibilities as Worldwide Sales Compensation Analytics & Reporting Manager, providing the control, measurement, and analysis of critical sales compensation data. She developed and implemented a more effective reporting process that facilitated management data provider agreements for manual submissions.

Prior to joining Hewlett-Packard, Diane Kaern served Siemens AG in a variety of oversight capacities for more than a decade. From 2003 to 2007, she was Finance Manager with the Ultrasound Division of Siemens Medical Systems in Mountain View, California. She planned, reported, and controlled the firm’s productivity processes, including revenue-increasing and cost-reducing measurements. In addition, she did mergers and acquisitions analysis and designed a WW Asset Management reporting package to achieve company objectives.

Ms. Kaern earned undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Pittsburgh, also completing an MBA at the institution. She initially joined Tel Plus Communications (a Siemens company) as Staff Accountant and Accounts Receivable Supervisor.

For much of the 1990s, Diane Kaern served Siemens Information and Communication Networks, Inc., as Product Line Planning and Reporting Manager. Working from the firm’s Santa Clara, California, office, she managed a team of three financial analysts and two interns. Ms. Kaern successfully led the development and implementation of a monthly web-based product-line financial reporting package, supporting the corporate objectives of a $1 billion firm.


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